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What our clients have to say:

christina“There are trainers that are great riders, and trainers that are great teachers, but there are few of them who are truly great at both. Holly is one of them. Being an eventer, I tend to focus on the jumping portion of my discipline; however, Holly’s teaching has helped me to better appreciate the fact that solid dressage work results in a more successful and adjustable jumping horse. I look forward to my lessons with Holly because she is not only patient, but also able to incorporate her sense of humor as well as encouragement into her teaching. Holly routinely puts a smile on my face during each lesson. Holly manages to teach by breaking down what she is saying into a simplified form that is easy to comprehend. When it comes to training both horse and rider, Holly ensures that her students have the understanding of what they are training the horse to do, how to go about that training, and why that specific training works for the horse. Her teaching is effective and leaves me feeling that I have learned something new after every lesson. This is extremely important to me as I am gaining invaluable knowledge of how to utilize different training techniques. In regard to horse care, Holly is not only tremendously knowledgeable, but also has a genuine concern for the horses’ well-being. I do not have to worry if I cannot make it out to the barn because I know that my horse will be taken care of as if she were one of Holly’s own. The people who make up this top-notch and beautifully maintained facility are wonderful, caring people, which makes the barn feel like a family. My horse is relaxed and happy at Kingland Farm and my mom and I love it as well!”
-Christina Dongilli


torreyweb2“My mare, Talisman BHF (Tali), and I have been under training with Holly since the summer of 2011.  Since that time, we have progressed from Training level to PSG, winning Championships, Year-End Awards, and placing in the USDF Finals along the way.  Holly’s training skill, knowledge and patience have been a huge part of our success.  I know that we are receiving high quality instruction to both instill the basics and train the more challenging exercises, all while ensuring that my spirited mare learns at an appropriate pace for her long-term well-being and ride-ability   I also trust that when Tali goes for training at Kingland Farm, she is very well cared for and loved by Holly.  I look forward to continuing our partnership and friendship!” 
Thanks Holly!!!
-Torrey Wilkinson


My horse and I have been at Kingland for over three years. In fact, this is our second time. When we moved back to the area from Chicago I knew there was only one facility I wanted to go back to. Holly provides a very rare combination of top notch care, gorgeous, fabulously maintained facility for both horse and owner but also amazing training and showing opportunities. On top of all that we feel like family to one another where all levels from beginner to professional feel welcome, encouraged and supported. Holly takes exceptional care of our horses and knows each one’s individual needs so I have never worried about my horse. In our busy demanding daily lives, Kingland is truly an Oasis where both horse and rider can learn, thrive and strive to the best of their potentials.
-Kristen Rosmorduc


jennyweb“I am an older adult who always wanted to ride and had hopes of owning my own horse.  After years of climbing the corporate ladder and living in the heart of Washington, D.C., I finally made the move to Leesburg, with the dream that I would learn to ride like the wind. When we came to Kingland Farm I was riding my partner’s mare.  A novice rider on a green horse is a lethal combination.  Over time, Holly convinced me to give my partner back his mare and look for a horse more suitable for me.  With patience, determination and Holly’s guidance we went horse hunting.  I found my horse!  Joker was in pretty bad shape when he came to Kingland Farm.  He was pretty beaten up, skinny and needed surgery.  Most folks would not have purchased him, but I was already in love and Holly walked me through each and every step with her exceptional expertise and patience, and Kingland Farm’s nutritional routine and care.  Once Joker was well enough to ride, we started training.  Now, everyone comments on how well we compliment each other and there couldn’t be a happier pair.  Joker is a gem.  He takes care of me in the saddle and I take care of him on the ground.  Through Holly’s training we have advanced far beyond my wildest dreams and we are going to our first dressage show his month.  Kingland Farm and Holly Wilmoth have changed both of our lives for the better.  I am one happy lady and have one happy horse!”
-Jennifer Wild


lindaweb“I have been at Kingland Farm for several years and it has been the most stress free boarding experience that I have ever had.  Over the last 25 years I have boarded at several different stables in Loudoun County and though all had their good points none of them provided the overall satisfactory experience that I have had at Kingland.  Kingland is a peaceful, well-kept and beautiful place.  Holly deeply cares about the welfare of the horses and befriends and values the owners.  It is always hard to leave a beloved horse in the care of others but at Kingland that concern is virtually non-existent.  I would highly recommend Kingland and Holly Wilmoth for anyone needing to board their horse.  And, oh yes, the facilities are as good or better than any barn around! “
Linda Guild and horse Catera


” Kingland Farm provides the ideal situation for owners that place their horse’s safety and comfort as top priority. After keeping my horses at my family farm for over 20 years, I wasn’t sure I’d ever find a boarding barn to measure up to my expectations…but I finally found it here. Holly’s knowledge and expertise combined with her sincere concern for horses in her care lets me sleep well at night! The incredible facilities for the comfort of the rider are truly icing on the cake for me. “

Lara McGlamary

“As the owner of Dream Street Stallions, my primary focus is on the happiness and well being of my Championship stallions, Starlight & Lullaby. Both of these stallions are accustom to the highest level of care and at Kingland Farm they enjoyed just that. The gracious staff, ample turn-out, and beautiful arena footing all lent itself to a leisurely stay while preparing for the 2008 Grand Champion Title at Dressage at Devon. ” 

Rick Rockefeller-Silvia 

  Shared Dreams “Whitey”, former Pan American Eventing Team mount of Jan Byyny’s, with current owner/rider Kathryn Shipley

“Professional, knowledgeable, caring, all things one would look for in a trainer, we found in Holly Wilmoth. Having a teenage granddaughter with a “highly spirited” green horse, we were looking for someone who could train both horse and rider.  Under Holly’s tutelage Abby went from not being able to complete a dressage test due an uncontrollable horse to scores in the high 60’s and blue ribbons!

Holly instilled her compassion and competitiveness in Abby and today she feels confident in both her skills and future as a dressage rider.  Over the course of two years we have boarded our horse Oscar at Kingland Farm and feel that the care is equal to what he would receive at home. I don’t know many horse owners who can say that. How reassuring to an owner that Holly’s skill and knowledge are available to their horse not only in an emergency situation but also on a daily basis. She has offered us many suggestions and alternatives to handling and treating our horse, which proved to be invaluable.

We realize how lucky we are that Holly Wilmoth and Kingland Farm entered our lives and Abby is looking forward to moving up and knows that with Holly as her trainer and mentor there are no limits!”

Margitta Bauer

“Having been involved with horses my whole life and taking care of them myself at my own farm I never thought I could find a facility would take care of my horse “Twist” the way I would at home. Then I met Holly at Kingland Farm. First and foremost she is incredibly knowledgeable in the management of horses and puts their well being and happiness a top priority daily. Top quality hay, feed, immaculate stalls and plenty of turnout daily in safe pastures makes for a barn of very happy, healthy, relaxed horses. I never have to worry if I can’t make it out to Kingland Farm as I know my horse is safe and well taken care of.

Holly as a trainer understands the struggles and the joy we all have in in the riding and the training of our horses. If you are a training level rider new to the world of dressage or far more advanced it doesn’t matter to Holly, the goal is always to end the ride in a positive mindset, with the horse and rider having a clear understanding of the work at hand. Many great riders cannot teach but Holly is gifted in that she can both ride and be able to pass on that knowledge (sometimes with a lot of humor thrown in) in a way that the horse and the rider can understand.

I look forward to this show season as I know it will be both fun and hard work, with the support of Holly I feel I can achieve the goals set for this year. “Twist” and I love Kingland Farm!!!! (and Holly of course). “

Tracy Grady

“We came to Holly Wilmoth in October of 2006 looking for a place for my daughter Chelsea to expand on her basic dressage training and to eventually locate a horse for her to purchase.  All I can say almost three years later is wow did Holly deliver.  Within a month of her first lesson with Holly, she had located a well-priced and perfectly suited mare for my then 14 year old to train and learn on.  “Novia” as we call her came from a non-dressage background, needed some TLC, and has been a huge blessing for Chelsea.  By the end of the first show season, Holly had built up there ability and confidence to pursue competing at the Training Level and during the 2008 show season, they did just that.  The highlight of that year was a 70.714% score on a Training Level test at Dressage at Lexington and a Reserve Champion placing for the weekend.  Chelsea & Novia are progressing steadily thanks to the patient yet strategic instruction they receive from Holly Wilmoth.  We know Novia is well cared for in a beautiful facility and we never have to wonder if she has the appropriate blanket on or received the proper attention.  Chelsea receives professional training but it comes from someone who truly cares about her and her horse.  They look forward to continue working hard at Kingland Farms; they cannot imagine being anywhere else.”

 Michelle Gabriel