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Holly Wilmoth is a USDF bronze and silver medalist.  She worked as Linda Oliver’s assistant , and has ridden consistently with or in clinics with top Dressage trainers and judges such as Linda Zang,  Axel Steiner, Lisa Wilcox, Jeanne McDonald, Nicole Uphoff, Uve Steiner, Albrecht Hiedemann, Linda Konigsburg,  and currently still works with Jim Kofford.
Holly believes that each trainer has something different and special to offer and thrives on molding her techniques and philosophies by merging all theories. 

“Each horse has a different, individual personality and must be trained according.  I am not the trainer that has one technique that must be applied to all horses.  While basic dressage training must be mastered, not all horses will achieve this goal the same way.  It is my job to create new and different exercises to encourage and   ‘aid’ the horse in its training.”

Photo Pam Post
Holly began riding at the age of five.  From leadline, she  moved to 4-H clubs and then to the United States Pony Club.  She earned her C-3 with the Blue Ridge Hunt Pony Club.  She continued her involvement with the Pony Clubs by instructing members while in college.  Once out of college, Holly’s dressage career began.  “I feel so fortunate to be able to fulfill this dream that began as a child. 

“My passion for horses and my education in teaching has come together to provide a rewarding career.” 

Holly and “Tigger” after a good test!

FRIENDS:  Holly’s close friend Rick Silvia of Dream Street Stallions, Holly and Lisa Wilcox

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Milo and Holly